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alcohol drug addiction recovery and rehabilitation best - over 23 years of success and experience the houghton house group has embraced the multi disciplinary minnesota model of addiction treatment for substance abuse providing an extremely high success rate of drugs and alcohol rehabilitation, maine department of labor substance abuse testing policy - policy types generally speaking there are two kinds of drug testing policies in maine applicant and employee applicant policies are used to screen job candidates who have been offered a position contingent upon passing a drug test, international journal of psychsocial rehabilitation - a professional journal for practitioners and applied researchers in mental health psychiatric rehabilitation and substance abuse programs worldwide this journal provides an open forum to publish and discuss trends and innovations in program development evaluation and improvements in quality of care for the millions who suffer from addiction and mental illness worldwide, maine department of labor substance abuse testing law - substance abuse testing law introduction the cornerstone of a drug free workplace is clear drug testing policy employers wanting to enact a drug testing program must have a policy approved by the maine department of labor bureau of labor standards with one exception a note on maine employers with federally covered employees, treatments for substance use disorders samhsa - the treatment system for substance use disorders is comprised of multiple service components including the following, carf international www carf org commission on the - carf international is an independent nonprofit accreditor of health and human services carf accreditation focuses on quality results providers that meet our standards have demonstrated their commitment to being among the best available, narconon drug rehabilitation drug education - today narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers operate in more than 20 nations a global network of effective rehabilitation centers with one shared purpose to free people from the grip of addiction, california substance abuse treatment facility and state - california substance abuse treatment facility and state prison corcoran satf is a male only state prison located in the city of corcoran in kings county california specifically designed to house inmates who are drug addicts it is sometimes referred to as california substance abuse treatment facility and corcoran ii, hazelden addiction treatment center - hazelden operates addiction treatment centers for alcohol and drug rehab has an online bookstore for addiction recovery and inspirational products offers a graduate school of addiction studies and publishes clinical and epidemiological research on the effectiveness of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, rehabilitation measures shirley ryan abilitylab - with over 400 measures and supported by some of the worlds best doctors clinicians therapists and physical medicine and rehabilitation researchers the rehabilitation measure database rmd is the go to resource for benchmarks and outcomes, abraxas i adolescent residential treatment center - abraxas i in marienville pennsylvania provides youth residential substance abuse behavior modification and mental health treatment evidence based curricula on site licensed private school career and technical education inter scholastic athletics and higher education opportunities are available the facility is accredited by the joint commission, screening tools samhsa hrsa - regular screenings in primary care and other healthcare settings enables earlier identification of mental health and substance use disorders which translates into earlier care screenings should be provided to people of all ages even the young and the elderly, vocational rehabilitation resource links - resource links florida links a waiting list resource guide the waiting list resource guide is a list of resources and activities to help you prepare for employment while waiting for your case to be activated from the waiting list, adolescent substance abuse program asapaz com - the adolescent substance abuse program asap has proven itself arizona s finest treatment program for young people ages 12 18 involved with drugs and alcohol since 1991, center for international rehabilitation research - principal investigator john h stone phd funding agency national institute for disability and rehabilitation research u s department of education period 11 2010 10 2015 abstract the mission of the center for international rehabilitation research cirrie is to facilitate the sharing of information and expertise between the u s and other countries, kolmac outpatient recovery centers substance abuse - alcohol and drug rehab centers in maryland washington dc va the kolmac outpatient recovery centers provide outpatient detoxification rehabilitation and continuing care programs for adults who have problems with alcohol and other addictive drugs as well as those with gambling problems, disease vs moral model of addiction byron private - the disease model of addiction stems from aa itself not studies on members of aa medicalisation of addiction is a seperate issue the 12 step philosophy of both aa and na addiction is a disease and recovery becomes possible by abstaining and working the 12 steps not by taking medication, mdhhs mi rehabilitation services - michigan is home to approximately 1 3 million individuals with disabilities michigan rehabilitation services mrs provides specialized employment and education related services and training to assist teens and adults with disabilities in becoming employed or retaining employment, top 10 best drug and alcohol treatment centers - read 65 reviews united recovery project is a substance abuse treatment center based in florida the center offers treatments that are tailored to every individual s needs as well as offering, work life employee assistance programs opm gov - each federal executive branch agency has an employee assistance program eap an eap is a voluntary confidential program that helps employees including management work through various life challenges that may adversely affect job performance health and personal well being to optimize an organization s success, samhsa substance abuse and mental health services - behavioral health is essential prevention works treatment is effective people recover, mdhhs behavioral health developmental disability - welcome welcome to behavioral health and developmental disabilities administration welcome to the behavioral health and developmental disabilities administration web site