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chapter 1 my parents and early life my parents and early life t he characteristic features of indian culture have long been a search for ultimate verities and the concomitant disciple guru 1 relationship my own path led me to a christlike sage whose beautiful life was chiseled for the ages, wake up new zealand what does the globalist agenda new - religion how it was employed as a control system to divide conquer what is the basic purpose of religion religion is designed to focus the people s attention and energy on a single unchanging uncompromising and invisible supreme being who allegedly created an inferior human race just for some extra companionship and love for himself and then supposedly foisted a set of oppressive and in, the annals of tacitus early christian writings new - the annals of tacitus on early christian writings the new testament apocrypha gnostics and church fathers information and translations of gospels epistles and documents of early christianity, the circle of reason the world s first society for - 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foreword to american edition the long promised second series of adyar talks has at length been published after many unavoidable delays after careful consideration it was thought best to abandon the use of the title the hidden life and to issue the volume as the inner life volume ii some of these informal talks to the classes at adyar have already appeared in the theosophist but many of the, chaucer project gutenberg australia - chapter i the greatness of chaucer it is beginning to be realized that the english are the eccentrics of the earth they have produced an unusually large proportion of what they used to call humorists and would now perhaps rather call characters